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Do you live in the Netherlands with family members abroad? May be you can apply for their residence permit(s) in the framework of family reunification.

Whom for?
Often, if you live in the Netherlands it is possible to let your family members join you. This goes for Dutch citizens, but also for holders of a Dutch residence permit, as long as you have lived in the Netherlands for at least a year at the time of the application.

However, if you stay in the Netherlands with a temporary purpose, like study, outplacement or seasonal work, your family members often cannot join you.

To Turkish nationals and their family members different rules apply. Read more about these rules here.

Which family members?
The following persons qualify as family members:

  • married or registered partners, regardless of gender
  • unmarried partners, regardless of gender, conditional to evidence of a long-term and exclusive relationship
  • children younger than 18 years and young adults who still live as household members

To have adopted children from abroad join you in the Netherlands, you must meet specific conditions. Read more about this on our page International Adoption.

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On 10 May 2017 the EU Court of Justice delivered an important ruling on the residence rights of parents without a residence permit who take care of Dutch children. The verdict is named after one of the parents who brought the case to the Court of Justice: Chavez Vilchez.

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Until 2012 it was possible to let your (grand-) parent come to the Netherlands from outside the EU under the so called “elderly policy”. In order to be accepted the following conditions had to be met: it had to concern the single parent of a Dutch child/children (or holders of a permanent residence permit in the Netherlands), who is more than 65 years old. All children should reside in the Netherlands and (jointly) they should meet the income requirement

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All Nt2 exams cancelled until 2019

State Exams Dutch as a Second Language (Nt2) have been cancelled. 

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Bolivian entrepreneurs to apply for permit under DAFT

Bolivian nationals should be treated just as favorable as American nationals, when it comes to applying for a residence permit for self-employment.

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Barbara Wegelin in children's news broadcast

Barbara Wegelin was invited to explain in the children’s television news of Wednesday 12 September 2018, why it took so long for Lili and Howick to be granted residency in the Netherlands and what the consequences are for the group of other children in a similiar situation.

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Legal clinic new procedure

Until recently we held a walk-in legal clinic on Tuesdays. Because of the increase in candidates we decided to only work by arranged appointment from now on. 

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Thomas van Houwelingen on national radio

Thomas van Houwelingen commented in live national radio broadcast "EenVandaag" on the issues Dutch nationals abroad experience when their passport expires.

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