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Income requirement presents obstacle for Dutch expats

For Dutch expats who wish to return to the Netherlands with family members requiring an entry clearance visa (MVV), the income requirement proves to be an obstacle.

Just like other migrants, the returning Dutch expat must provide evidence of sufficient and long-term financial means to provide for him/herself and his/her family members. Among other things, this means that the expat needs to have an employment contract for at least 1 year.

Arranging this from abroad is often difficult. That is why, in practise, Dutch expats must travel to the Netherlands ahead of their families, to organize income and housing.

In a letter of 23 February 2017, the State Secretary for Security and Justice informed the House of Representatives that in these situations custom solutions must be offered, taking into account the individual circumstances.

Even if employment has not been secured for a year, it should still be possible for Dutch expats and their family members to travel to the Netherlands together.

The State Secretary promises to improve publicity as to properly inform Dutch expats on this subject.

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