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Company profile

Who are Everaert Advocaten Immigration Lawyers?

Everaert Advocaten is recognised nationally and internationally as one of the leading firms in migration law in the Netherlands. Be it for a short term residence permit or permanent residence, we offer our clients tailored migration solutions. We are also available for migration related legal procedures, such as acquiring Dutch nationality, and international adoptions.

Because of our up-to-date knowledge of national and international laws and regulations regarding migration, as well as ongoing developments in this field we are able to provide our clients with strategic advice and effective solutions to specific migration issues.

Training Institute
Our status as specialists in this field is confirmed by the fact that Everaert Advocaten has been recognised by the Netherlands Bar Association as a training institute. Our lawyers are furthermore part of the editorial boards of different professional magazines, such as the jurisprudence publication ‘Rechtspraak Vreemdelingenrecht’ and ‘Journal Vreemdelingenrecht’. They are regular contributors to training and lectures at the University of Leiden and the University of Amsterdam among others.


We are a partner of IN Amsterdam, The Hague International Centre, Rotterdam International Center and Lawyers for Lawyers (L4L).