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International Adoption

The recognition of foreign adoptions is always complicated. Especially when the international adoption later turns out not to covered by the provisions of the Hague Adoption Convention or Dutch laws. Adoptive parents usually do not find out until they have welcomed the child to their family after going through local procedures. Although the parents have […]

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Adoption and Dutch Nationality

Until October 1, 1998, Dutch passports were issued only to children who were adopted in the Netherlands, the Dutch Antilles or Aruba [1]. The possibilities were extended when The Hague Adoption Convention of 1993 came into force [2]. From October 1, 1998, minor children who were adopted outside of the Netherlands in accordance with this Convention would […]

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Name change

Introduction: name changes Names for children and adults: different rules? Your name generally remains the same during your life. It depends on a country’s legal system and legal culture under which conditions a name can be chosen and changed. Precisely because a name is unquestionably a cornerstone of someone’s personal identity, legal certainty and continuity […]

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