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long-term residents eu

In a number of EU Member States, you can obtain the status of long-term resident EC. This is a European type of permanent residence permit.

Did you receive the status of long-term resident EC in another EU country and do you want to apply for a residence permit for entrepreneurs in the Netherlands? Then more favourable conditions apply to you.

If you want to know how you can receive the status of long-term resident EC in the Netherlands, go to the page Permanent residency.

If you want to know how you can receive the status of long-term resident EC in another EU country, please consult the authorities in the concerned country. You can find a list of participating countries here.

Starting a business

As a long-term residents EC you do not need to score points under the point-based system when applying for a residence permit for entrepreneurs. You do need to present evidence that your enterprise has a viable chance of success in the Netherlands, by providing the following:

  • a business plan including: market analysis, product/service, pricing, structure of organization, financing
  • proof of expected turnover: prognosis made by a registered bookkeeper/accountant over the next 3 years
  • if applicable, the necessary licenses to practice your profession
  • copies of degrees/diplomas
  • copy of the long-term resident EC permit issued by another EU Member State

You can find a complete and detailed list of the requirements on the application form for long-term EC residents, under the heading ‘entrepreneurs’.

EU Member States with long-term resident EC status

Not all EU countries issue long-term resident EC permits. Are you in doubt whether you have this status? You can check the list of countries here, including the title of the status as printed on your residence permit ID card, in the concerned language.

For more information, please contact Vera Kidjan en Hermie de Voer.