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Immediately naturalize after changing personal information

Good news for everyone who wishes to naturalize, but first need to have their personal information adjusted in the Population Register at the municipality or those we recently had their information adjusted.

Until recently, you had to wait five years after changing your personal information before you could submit a request for naturalization. Based on the verdict of the highest Dutch administrative court in two cases on February 15th 2023 (ECLI:NL:RVS:2023:378 en ECLI:NL:RVS:2023:604) and the announcement from the IND, this waiting time is now no longer in force.  

This means that anyone in possession of a residence permit for a non-temporary purpose will be able to submit a naturalization request as soon as their correct personal information has been registered with the municipality and the IND. Whether you had a RANOV residence permit or a different kind of residence permit in the past would not be relevant in this case. Also people who changed their personal information before the new verdicts of the court and are now waiting for their five years to pass are now allowed to immediately submit a naturalization request by referring to the announcement of the IND. 

For more information, please contact Hermie de Voer or Adam Diels.

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