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Dual citizenship

The Dutch State tries to prevent dual citizenship as much as possible. For this reason, you are generally required to renounce your other nationality(ies) if you wish to become a Dutch citizen. However, there are exceptions to this rule.


Possible exceptions are:

  • the country of original nationality does not permit relinquishment of nationality
  • you are married to or registered partner of a Dutch citizen
  • you were born in the Netherlands and live in the Netherlands at the time of the naturalization request
  • you are younger than 18 and share in the naturalization procedure of your parents
  • you have an asylum residence permit
  • renouncing your other nationality(ies) leads to objectionable consequences

If an exception applies, you must prove this with sufficient evidence during the application process.

In the articles below you can find more information about the possibilities of retaining the original nationality of the following countries when obtaining the Dutch nationality:

If you are wondering whether you can obtain dual citizenship in the Netherlands, we are happy to assess your situation and go through any viable options with you.

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