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If a non-EU person (third country national) wants to work in the Netherlands, he/she can do so as a highly skilled migrant, with an EU Blue card or with a combined permit for stay and work (GVVA). If it concerns an intra company transferee, the EU ICT Directive may be applicable. Lastly, there are special regulations for posting staff within the EU.

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Elles Besselsen gives Brexit talk

Tuesday, March 26th, Elles Besselsen gave a talk about how Brexit affects the residence and work rights of British citizens in the Netherlands. The presentation took place at the Spring Technical Meeting of the PAiE, the association of Professional Accountants in Europe. The audience consisted of qualified British and Irish accountants residing in the Netherlands.

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Salary thresholds for highly skilled migrants, Blue Card holders and intra-corporate transferees in 2019

The 2019 salary thresholds for highly skilled migrants, Blue Card holders, key personnel of intra-corporate transfers (ICT) and recent graduates in the Netherlands have been published.

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Transitional arrangement in the making for reduced 30% tax ruling

We reported earlier about the Dutch government's decision to reduce the maximum duration of the 30% tax ruling to 5 years.

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30% Tax Ruling from 8 to 5 years maximum duration

The Dutch government has decided to reduce the maximum duration of the 30% ruling to 5 years.

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