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In the context of the Dutch-Bolivian Trade Agreement, Bolivian nationals find a simplified pathway to obtain a residence permit for starting a business in the Netherlands compared to other non-EU citizens. This agreement facilitates a smoother process for a residence permit for Bolivians entrepreneurs. For other forms of employment, however, Bolivians must secure work authorization.

This residence permit on the basis of the Dutch-Bolivian Trade Agreement is for Bolivian entrepreneurs who open a business in the Netherlands and invest at least € 4.500,- into that business. Bolivian entrepreneurs are exempt from the conventional and more stringent point-based system applied to other entrepreneurs. There’s no need to demonstrate that their business activities bring innovation or other significant benefits to the Dutch economy.

The initial residence permit is granted for a duration of 2 years, and upon renewal, a 5-year permit is issued. A renewal is granted, if you can demonstrate that the equity in the business has always remained € 4.500,- and business activities have been undertaken by the Bolivian entrepreneur.

This residence permit only allows the entrepreneur to work within their own company. For work as an employee for another company, a separate work permit is mandatory. Family members may be eligible for dependent permits with the same duration, and no work permit is required for them.

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