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Partial implementation of new rules on EU Blue Card

The revised EU Directive for the European Blue Card was adopted on October 21, 2021. Pending the full implementation of this Directive, some of the new rules for the European Blue Card came into effect on November 18, 2023. The relevant application forms have been adjusted accordingly. This news article will outline the most significant changes.

Diploma requirement and minimum duration of employment contract

To qualify for the European Blue Card, employees must have completed at least a 3-year bachelor’s study at a higher education institute. ICT managers and specialists can now also be eligible for a European Blue Card based on their work experience. A minimum of 3 years of relevant professional experience in the past 7 years is required for this.

The minimum duration of the required employment contract for the employee has been reduced from 12 to 6 months.

Long-term mobility

After working for 12 months in an EU member state, the holder of a European Blue Card may work in another member state for more than 90 days, provided the conditions for an EU Blue Card in the second member state are met. Previously, this was possible after 18 months.

Search period

Based on the new Directive, employees are entitled to a 6-month search period to look for a job as the holder of an EU Blue Card if they become unemployed, regardless of who terminated the employment contract. To be able to claim the 6-month search period, the employee must have been a holder of an EU Blue Card for at least 2 years. If the employee has been a holder of an EU Blue Card for less than 2 year, the individual is entitled to a 3-month search period.

The IND will revoke the residence permit if the holder of the EU Blue Card has not found a job within the search period.

Full implementation

The full implementation of the new EU Directive is delayed and is expected to occur in the first quarter of 2024.

If you would like to learn more about the new rules for the European Blue Card, feel free to contact us.

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