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China Desk 中国部





•    家庭团聚
•    长期/永久居留许可
•    富裕移民
•    入籍归化手续
•    国际收养
•    基于人权的居留许可申请


•    签证
•    工作许可
•    高技术移民居留许可
•    欧盟蓝卡申请
•    雇主制裁
•    建立公司和公司重组的移民方案
•    新移民政策合规培训


•    30% 税收减免
•    移民局和市政厅注册

您是否有问题需要咨询?请与 Adam Diels


电话:+31 (0)20 752 32 88

China Desk

The China Desk is a specialized division of Everaert Advocaten, tailored to Chinese businesses that choose the Netherlands as their gateway to Europe. The China Desk provides advice and helps to arrange the legally required residence and work permits for employees of Chinese companies and their family members. The China Desk also supports new enterprises wishing to establish themselves in the Netherlands. We can help obtain residence permits for independent Chinese entrepreneurs.

We can communicate with our clients in Mandarin and assist our clients in bridging the cultural differences between China and the Netherlands.

Adam Diels, chair of China desk, attorney-at-law, speaks Chinese fluently. He has a high reputation among Chinese people. Adam focuses on family reunification cases.

The China Desk legal support assistants do legal research and help remove the language barrier for the Chinese client. 

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