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The National Ombudsman and the Ombudsman for Children have published a report on 'lack of documentary evidence' in naturalization procedures of Ranov permit holders, the so-called 'pardonners'.

The report focuses on the following subjects:

  • access to the naturalization procedure
  • so-called problematic countries and exemptions
  • IND decisions in procedures regarding 'lack of docmentary evidence'
  • children of Ranov permit holders

The Ombudsman argues that municipalities should give more elaborate information regarding 'lack of documentary evidence' in a naturalization procedure and calls for more consultation between municipalities and IND.

The report also discusses the fact that Ranov permit holders from certain countries are exempted from submitting a birth certificate and/or valid passport with their naturalization request. During the ombudsman’s research, municipalities indicated that this exemption should be extended to include additional countries from which it it has proven virtually impossible to obtain identity and/or nationality documentation.

Countries mentioned by the municipalities include the former Soviet Republics, China and Afghanistan.

Lastly, the Ombudsman dwells on the fact that the specific circumstances and interests of children and young adults are not separately and explicitly included in the decision-making in a naturalization request by the parents. The Ombudsman recommends to make the interests of the children a first consideration.

For the full report please visit the site of the National Ombudsman (only available in Dutch).

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