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From July 1st 2019, the Dutch regulations concerning the naturalization exam from abroad have changed. These changes affect those who want to apply for Dutch citizenship from abroad and are planning to take the civic integration exam for naturalization at the Dutch consulate or embassy in their country of residence.

The table below compares the components of the test before and after July 1st 2019:

Old (up until July 1st 2019)

New (from July 1st 2019)

Knowledge of Dutch Society (KNS)

Knowledge of Dutch Society (KNM)

Test of Spoken Dutch

Spoken Dutch A2

Electronic Practice Exam

Reading A2 and Listening A2


Writing A2

If you already passed components of the exam before July 1st 2019, you do not have to retake those; you only have to take the components that were added to the exam as of July 1st 2019, as well as the ones you did not pass yet before July 1st 2019.

If you already passed all the components of the old exam before July 1st you do not have to take any additional exams. The integration diploma you received if you passed all the components of the old exam before July 1st meets the requirements for naturalisation from abroad.

For questions about the civic integration exam for naturalization from abroad, please contact Hermie de Voer, Mirjam den Besten or Elles Besselsen.

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