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Holders of an exchange permit in a Working Holiday Program (WHP) will soon be free on the labor market again.

We previously published the news that the Dutch Minister of Social Affairs and Employment had restricted the rules for participants in an exchange program in the Netherlands. They were no longer free on the labor market: they could only work for 12 consecutive weeks for the same employer. They could work for the duration of their Working Holiday Visa, but not continuously for the same employer. This decision will now be reversed.

Consequently, the Canadian government put applications made by Dutch youngsters for similar visa in Canada on hold as the agreement stipulates that the rules have to be applied reciprocally.

After the SUSP (a non-profit organization for exchange) raised questions about the situation, Koolmees has now agreed with Canada to lift the restrictions.

It is expected that the same rules will be applied to other exchange countries as well.

For more information please contact Thomas van Houwelingen.

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