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The Secretary of Justice and National Security published his new official policy on the legal status of UK-nationals legally residing in the Netherlands after Brexit.

In his policy is laid down what the residence rights are of UK-nationals and their family members legally residing in the Netherlands on March 29th 2019, what residence rights they have during the national transition period from March 29th 2019 until July 1st 2020 and what their rights look like after the transition period has ended. The Secretary also addresses the situation of UK-nationals legally residing in the Netherlands on March 29th 2019 with family members from outside the EU who are not yet legally residing in the Netherlands.

If you have any questions regarding your right of residence in the Netherlands after Brexit, do not hesitate to contact one of our Brexit lawyers, Hermie de Voer, Nikki Vreede, Elles Besselsen of Mirjam den Besten.

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