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With fond memories we look back on the day of our jubilee seminar and party, Friday 26 January 2018.

The day was filled with highlights, such as the outstanding contributions by the speakers at the seminar, the presentation of the liber amicorum to Ted Badoux, the reunion with many friends and colleagues and the musical performance by Violetta Lazin and Gianmaria Griglio.

Thank you all so much for your presence ánd for the many gifts we received, also on behalf of Ted.

For everyone who could not be there on our big day, and as a souvenir, we had a short film made, capturing some of the moments that we will cherish for years to come.

You can watch it here.


Read Ted’s farewell speech here. 

Download the speaker’s presentations here:

Elspeth Guild: Intra-Corporate Transferees: Comparison with the EU Russia Agreement

Tesseltje de Lange: On Welcoming Talent, Sponsors and Fees

Aniel Pahladsingh: Op weg naar een harmonisatie van het Unierechtelijk openbare orde criterium?

Martijn Stronks: Openbare orde, recidive en tijd; of wanneer is een gevaar actueel?

Bram van Melle

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