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Ted Badoux, one of the founders of Everaert Advocaten Immigration Lawyers in 1982, steps down as Chair of the Board.

Effective July 1 2017, he will cease work as Head of the Department for Corporate Business Migration.

For more than 35 years, Ted upheld the interests of labor migrants in the Netherlands.

He was the architect of the business migration department of Everaert which he led for over 20 years. He wrote and taught his colleagues about all aspects of labor migration with a passion for and a vast expertise of European law appliances. He successfully pleaded a landmark case at the Court of Justice in Luxemburg and was the respected adversary of the Dutch immigration and work authorization agencies in many cases.

For Everaert Advocaten, last remaining founding father Ted is a source of knowledge and experience that should not disappear from our offices at IJdock like a sail into the sunset. Ted will remain aligned with the firm as Lawyer of Counsel for some time to come.

Ted’s relations will receive a personal announcement shortly.

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