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Today is national naturalisation day. Every year, extra festive naturalisation ceremonies are organised on 15 December. The ceremony concludes the option or naturalisation procedure and is the official moment for acquiring Dutch citizenship. During the ceremony, new Dutch citizens make the declaration of commitment and receive the decision of Dutch citizenship. Thereafter, they are officially Dutch nationals.


Also this year, Everaert Lawyers assisted many clients to obtain Dutch citizenship through the naturalisation or option procedure: former Dutch citizens; people with Dutch ancestors, with Dutch partners and those who have lived in the Netherlands for at least 5 years.


Today, two of our clients are attending the naturalisation ceremony. We wish Daniella and Thomas a wonderful day and congratulate all new Dutch citizens on Dutch citizenship!


If you have any questions about obtaining or losing Dutch citizenship or if you think you are eligible for Dutch citizenship through your (grand) parents, please contact one of our specialists or complete the Dutch Citizenship Check.


Elles Besselsen

Mirjam den Besten

Vera Kidjan

Danielle Snaathorst

Hermie de Voer




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