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By 30 September 2021, the 'grace period' will end that gave British citizens living and working in the Netherlands since before 1 January 2021, a longer time window to apply for a Brexit residence permit. The original deadline of 1 July 2021 was postponed by three months to this effect.

From 1 October 2021 onwards, those who haven’t applied yet, will lose their legal residency status. Being illegal means it will become impossible to take out insurance, a mortgage, or to continue your studies, among other things. Your employer may also be fined.

As a final safety net, an exception will be made: IND will continue to process applications received after 1 October 2021, which may ultimately result in a positive decision with a retroactive effect on your right of residence.

In another year’s time, by 1 October 2022, this final period of flexibility will also come to an end.

You can apply for your Brexit residence permit online through the IND website:

UK EU withdrawal temporary residence (

UK EU withdrawal permanent residence (


Read the reminder letter from the IND here.

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