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Since 20 April 2019, integration exam candidates who work in paid employment can apply for an exemption from the ‘Orientation on the Dutch labor market’ (ONA) component of the civic integration exam. As of 1 October 2020, self-employed persons who are ‘active on the labor market’ will also be eligible for an exemption from the ONA examination component. An application for the exemption can be filed on the DUO website.

Active on the labor market

  • You need to have been self-employed for at least 6 months to be able to request exemption form ONA. This means your company needs to have been registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce for at least 6 months and you need to have made a profit of at least € 2,800 during those 6 months.
  • On top of this a VAT tax return must have been filed in the 12 months prior to the request for the exemption.

Entrepreneur residence permit

Holders of a residence permit for self-employment do not have to demonstrate their income or submit supporting documents. Their enterprise has already been tested for active participation in the labor market during the application and extension procedures.

Decree on assistance for self-employed persons 2004

If the applicant is active as an entrepreneur within the framework of the Decree on assistance for self-employed persons 2004 (Bbz 2004) and the business (plan) has been deemed viable by the municipality, the applicant can qualify for the ONA exemption without having to meet the income threshold.

More information

Please contact Hermie de Voer or Danielle Snaathorst for more information.

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