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From 1 January 2020, family members of foreign entrepreneurs can take up paid employment without having to apply for a work permit.

If you have a residence permit for self-employment, this permit only allows you to work for your own enterprise. If you take up any other form of work/employment, you must apply for a separate work permit (TWV)

Your family members (now) also need a work permit if they want to work in paid employment, even if it is for your own company. That is going to change as of 1 January 2020. For family members it will become less cumbersome to take up a job in paid employment.

The Dutch government’s decision for this change is an effort to make it more attractive for foreign entrepreneurs to stay in the Netherlands with their businesses. Research has shown that foreign entrepreneurs base their decision to stay partly on the employment opportunities open to their family members.

For more information, please contact Vera Kidjan or Hermie de Voer.

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