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Thomas van Houwelingen commented in live national radio broadcast "EenVandaag" on the issues Dutch nationals abroad experience when their passport expires.

This as a follow-up on the Volkskrant opinion ed (by Hermie de Voer and Thomas van Houwelingen) of 30 May 2018 on the same subject; we wrote about it here.

A lack of relevant knowledge causes officials at Dutch consulates to give erroneous information, resulting in far-reaching consequences or even loss of citizenship.

Another interviewee is Jan van Maanen, honorary consul of Guinee Bissau, who pleads for wider availability of biometric scanners, to avoid the long and costly travel of whole families to one of the few Dutch diplomatic posts worldwide where they do have such a device.

Both issues are most likely results of drastic budget cuts in the department of Foreign Affairs.

Listen to the audio clip here (in Dutch)

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