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...about submission of applications and procedures during the COVID-19/corona measures

It has been several weeks since the COVID-19/corona measures have been implemented. The offices and desks of the IND, as well as Court buildings, are mostly closed. Many people are under the impression that this means all procedures have been put on hold and it is not possible to submit an application for a residence permit, for an extension of a residence permit or for a change of an existing residence permit. This impression is not correct. Both the IND and the judiciary are working remotely as much as possible.

It is possible to submit residence permit applications in writing or online. This applies to all types of permits including family reunification, employment as a highly skilled migrant or entrepreneur, or verification against EU-law. We would gladly assist you with all these matters. We are working remotely and can be contacted by email or phone as usual. Appointments will be made via videoconferencing.

We are available during our regular office hours, between 9 and 5.30, on +31(0)207523200.


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