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On March 1, 2020, online notification of posted workers will become mandatory in the Netherlands.

The service provider will need to submit a notification in the portal before commencement of the work, after which the recipient of the services needs to verify if the notification is done correctly. The verification of the notification needs to be done by the (usually Dutch) recipient of these services within five working days after the work has started.

The sanctions for not (timely) submitting notifications for posted workers have recently been published: for up to 9 workers, the fine would be €1,500 per posted worker. For 10-19 workers the fine per worker would be €3,000, and for 20 or more posted workers the fine per worker would be €4,500.

If the recipient does not verify the notification (within five working days after the work started), a fine can be issued of €1,500 (or €750 if the recipient is a person instead of a business).

The policy states that violations of the notification duty will not immediately lead to fines. There is a grace period up until September 1, 2020, in which violations are not yet sanctioned. 

For more information please contact Bram van Melle or Marcel Reurs.

Read more on our page Posted Workers in the EU.

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