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From 1 March 2020 employers and self-employed from other EU Member States who are posting a worker in the Netherlands must notify this in advance via the online portal or risk a penalty of up to €4,500 per posted worker.

The company in the Netherlands receiving the posted worker must verify if the notification was made (timely) and contains the correct information, or it will risk the same penalty too.

These penalties can be issued cross-jurisdiction: the Dutch enforcer, the Inspectie SZW, can issue a penalty to a foreign service provider or assignor, but you can also be confronted with a penalty from an enforcer in another Member State.

The notification and verification requirement applies to all posted workers, including those who are citizens of the EU.

Read the full article here.

If you are unsure whether or not your business needs to file notifications at all, or if are you wondering whether your business is prepared to remain compliant with this new obligation, or of course if you need assistance with the filing process, feel free to reach out to Marcel Reurs or Bram van Melle.

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