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If you want to travel to the Netherlands from a country not on the safe countries list, you will be exempted from the EU entry ban if you have proof of vaccination. This proof needs to be issued according to certain requirements in order to be accepted.

The exemption does not apply if you are traveling from a very high-risk area due to the presence of a variant of concern (e.g. the UK).

The proof of vaccination must state your identity, the name of the vaccine, the dates of vaccination and country it was administered in, the name of the issuing authority and should be authenticated with a stamp or signature from that authority.

The language of the proof is in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish.

The vaccination is subject to these conditions:

  • The vaccine you were given is an EMA or WHO endorsed vaccine.
  • The vaccination is complete, i.e. 2 doses were administered.
    • One dose administered in case of the Janssen vaccine or if you had Covid-19.

For a detailed list of all requirements visit this government website.

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