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Travel restrictions

Since March 2020, traveling to Europe has become a lot more difficult. Travelers from outside the EU can only travel to the Netherlands if their visit is deemed essential. In fact this meant that nobody could enter the Netherlands unless one of these exemptions applied.

In the past couple of weeks travel restrictions are gradually lifted and new exemptions have been created. Obviously, that is good news, but it can – and does in some cases - also create confusion about the correct interpretation of these rules. It may, therefore, not always be clear whether or not your situation falls under one of these exemptions.

Am I OK to board?

It is possible to liaise with the Dutch authorities to ask for confirmation that you can board a plane to the Netherlands.

Help needed?

Should you require assistance with this, please complete this questionnaire. With the information submitted we can determine whether you are OK to fly or whether it may be wise to let us assist you with obtaining an OK to board-statement prior to your flight.

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