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[update 31 July 2020]

The Dutch Immigration Department has confirmed that travelers living in a country for which travel restrictions still apply but who, based on their nationality, are exempt from the entry clearance visa (MVV) requirement, can enter the Netherlands if they hold an IND approval letter confirming that they are granted a residence permit in the following categories:

  • Highly Skilled Migrant (including family members)
  • Intra Company Transferee (including family members)
  • EU Blue Card (including family members)
  • Student (including family members)
  • Family member of a Dutch national (spouse and child)

Travelers will need to carry the following documents:

  • Health screening form
  • Copy of the IND approval letter (Highly Skilled Migrants who travel to the Netherlands for -90 days will need to carry the work permit copy issued by UWV instead of the IND approval letter.)
  • For work-related immigration categories: statement from the employer explaining why the traveler is required to enter in the Netherlands for work and why the travel is required now and not at a later time.

Please note that travelers will need to fly to the Netherlands directly (no transit).

If there are any issues with the airline letting travelers board the plane, travelers can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for confirmation.

Travellers arriving in the Netherlands are strongly advised to go into self-quarantine for 14 days.

For more information please contact Thomas van Houwelingen or Kirsty Gies.

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