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Since Belgium prohibited all non-essential travel aswell, the waiting times for transport of goods and service provision traffic at the border with the Netherlands have increased significantly. A vignette is now available for cross-border workers with crucial professions or who provide vital services. With this vignette they can pass the border controls more quickly.

The vignette can be obtained from the website of the Belgian crisis center

Cross-border workers in other sectors must be able to show an employer's statement demonstrating their work-related purpose. 

The ban of non-essential travel is strictly enforced by the Belgian authorities. It is also not allowed to travel between locations in the Netherlands via Belgium, even if that would be the shortest route.

Both non-compliance with the travel ban and unproper use of a vignette are treated as punishable offenses. 

Source: Press release Rijksoverheid d.d. 22 March 2020



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