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On behalf of Lawyers for Lawyers, Elles Besselsen attended as an international observer the final hearings in the mass trial that began in 2013 against 22 lawyers from the ÇHD (Progressive Lawyers Association) and the HHB (People's Law Office). More than 60 lawyers from 9 countries were present to monitor the hearing and show support for fellow lawyers in Turkey.

On 11 November, after a five-day hearing, Istanbul's 18th Heavy Penal Court at Silivri courthouse convicted these lawyers with long prison sentences on charges of membership of a terrorist organisation and participation in terrorist propaganda.

Everaert Immigration Lawyers is shocked by this ruling and the conduct of this court case. The accused lawyers have not had a fair trial, they have been identified with their clients and persecuted because of their profession as lawyers. We support Lawyers for Lawyers in their important work of following this and other cases against lawyers and supporting our colleagues in Turkey in their pursuit of a fair trial and the free and independent practice of their (and our) profession.

 More information on these hearings can be found here on the Lawyers for Lawyers website, as well as their official statement


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