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Recently, one of our clients- who had automatically lost Dutch citizenship in 2019 and had concrete plans to settle in Belgium at the moment of loss, retroactively regained Dutch citizenship.

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Since 20 April 2019, integration exam candidates who work in paid employment can apply for an exemption from the ‘Orientation on the Dutch labor market’ (ONA) component of the civic integration exam. As of 1 October 2020, self-employed persons who are ‘active on the labor market’ will also be eligible for an exemption from the ONA examination component. An application for the exemption can be filed on the DUO website.

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[Update: July 27 2020]

On July 16 the Minister of Justice and Security announced that travel restrictions for unmarried partners from non-EU countries would be relaxed from July 27, 2020. Further details have been published.   

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[Last update 13 August 2020]

Morocco removed from the list.

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Travel restrictions

Since March 2020, traveling to Europe has become a lot more difficult. Travelers from outside the EU can only travel to the Netherlands if their visit is deemed essential. In fact this meant that nobody could enter the Netherlands unless one of these exemptions applied.

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