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self employed

  • Coronavirus: government support for self-employed

    The Dutch government introduced several measures to alleviate the Corona crisis’ consequences as much as possible for entrepreneurs and freelancers. Below you will find a short recap of all the measures.

    *We will update this information according to the latest developments.

    For more information please contact Hermie de Voer or Thomas van Houwelingen, or call us at +31(0)20752 32 00.

  • Creative industries

    Do you intend to work in the creative industries in the Netherlands and do you have a non-EU nationality? For work in paid employment, a combined permit for work and stay (GVVA) is required. Creative freelancers can apply for a residence permit as entrepreneur. 

    To American, Japanese and Turkish citizens and their family members other conditions may apply. Read more on our page Treaties.

  • Entrepreneurs

    If you want to set up a business in the Netherlands, you can apply for a residence permit as an entrepreneur.

    RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency)assesses whether your business has a good chance of success and serves the Dutch economy’s vital interests. RVO evaluates your application with a point-based system. 

  • Family members of entrepreneurs exempted from work permit requirement

    From 1 January 2020, family members of foreign entrepreneurs can take up paid employment without having to apply for a work permit.

  • Family members of self-employed foreign nationals can now work in employment

    As already announced in our article of November 20th, as of 1 January 2020 family members of self-employed persons will have free access to the Dutch labour market and can therefore work in employment. Family members of self-employed persons that do not have free access to the Dutch labour market yet, can apply to change their residence permit according to the new rules mentioned above.

  • Family members of self-employed have the right to work as self-employed, themselves

    Family members of self-employed have the right to work as self-employed, themselves. The State Secretary of Justice and Security has amended the Aliens Regulations and the Aliens Circular accordingly.

  • Happy World Music Day! ♪♫♬

    Did you know that, besides marking the beginning of summer ánd world yoga day, the 21st of June is also the day on which music is celebrated in 120 countries worldwide? Amateur and professional musicians are invited to play music outside and there are many free music festivals to enjoy.

  • TOZO & consequences for residency rights

    The measures against the spread of COVID-19 have a huge impact on the Dutch business community. The Dutch government has introduced an extensive number of measures in order to support self-employed professionals and to maintain as many jobs as possible during this time of crisis. One of these is the Temporary measure for self-employed professionals (TOZO).