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  • Amsterdam Court asking preliminary questions on Brexit

    The Court of Amsterdam will ask the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) questions regarding the consequences of Brexit for the EU citizenship of British nationals. That is the result of a preliminary injunction procedure brought before the Court of Amsterdam by a group of British citizens living in the Netherlands.

  • Administrative procedure

    The content of this page is being reviewed in view of the new Draft Withdrawal Agreement

  • Brexit

    The rights of UK citizens in the Netherlands after Brexit

    On 31 January 2020 the UK officially left the EU with a deal. The Withdrawal Agreement entered into force on 1 February 2020. There will be a transition period until 31 December 2020. During this period, EU law will still apply to matters concerning UK citizen’s rights.

    Below, we provide an overview of the rights of UK citizens and their family members during and after the transition period.

  • Brexit and dual nationality

    Are you a Brit living in the Netherlands or are you a spouse or (registered) partner of a Dutch citizen and would you like to know if and how you can acquire Dutch nationality without losing your British nationality? In this article you will find information about naturalisation, Brexit and dual nationality.

  • Brexit: New deadline for national transition period

    The IND has published additional information on its Brexit page concerning the right of residence in the Netherlands after Brexit. 

  • British nationals in the Netherlands after Brexit

    The Dutch government issued information about the way both Brexit scenarios will impact on British nationals living and working in the Netherlands.

  • Download our Brexit factsheet

    Click on the image to download in pdf format
  • Dual citizenship possible more often than you might think

    Recently our firm has finalized several different cases successfully concerning dual citizenship.

  • Dual nationality for Dutch citizens in the UK: a realistic option?

    On June 30, 2020, the Dutch Senate agreed with a legislative proposal to introduce temporary amendments to the Dutch Nationality Act in order to expand the possibilities of Dutch citizens in the UK to obtain dual (Dutch/UK) nationality.

  • Dual nationality, privilege or choice?

    Dual nationality gets a fair bit of media attention lately. In recent news several Moroccan-Dutch citizens asked political support for their right to renounce their Moroccan nationality. At the same time a majority of the House of Representatives proposed a Brexit-emergency law that will allow Dutch citizens in the UK to keep their Dutch nationality in case they obtain the British nationality. How does that work?

  • Economically inactive citizens

    The content of this page is being reviewed in view of the new Draft Withdrawal Agreement

  • Elles Besselsen gives Brexit talk

    Tuesday, March 26th, Elles Besselsen gave a talk about how Brexit affects the residence and work rights of British citizens in the Netherlands. The presentation took place at the Spring Technical Meeting of the PAiE, the association of Professional Accountants in Europe. The audience consisted of qualified British and Irish accountants residing in the Netherlands.

  • Employees and self-employed

    The content of this page is being reviewed in view of the new Draft Withdrawal Agreement

  • EU-rights of Britons in the Netherlands after Brexit

    Are you a legal professional / attorney and do you want to be able to advise your British clients in the Netherlands on their residency rights after Brexit? Join Bram van Melle in a CPO (Centre for Professional Legal Education) webinar (in Dutch), where he will share the latest information. 

  • Family members

    The content of this page is being reviewed in view of the new Draft Withdrawal Agreement

  • Hermie de Voer on Brexit in NOS News

    On the eve of Brexit, 31 January 2020, Hermie de Voer made an appearance in the 8 o'clock television news.

  • Podcast: A view from Europe (on Brexit)

    Our British colleagues from Kingsley Napley published a podcast on their website where Benjamin Sookia speaks to Bram van Melle about the Dutch after-Brexit plans.

  • Policy for legal residence post-Brexit published

    The Secretary of Justice and National Security published his new official policy on the legal status of UK-nationals legally residing in the Netherlands after Brexit.

  • Students

    The content of this page is being reviewed in view of the new Draft Withdrawal Agreement