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asian catering

The special regulation described in this article will terminate on January 1st, 2022. Please see our news item on the subject here.

An employer in the Asian catering industry who wants to hire a chef from outside the EU must apply for a combined work/residence permit (GVVA). In certain situations, specific conditions apply.

For whom?

The following cuisines fall within the Asian catering industry: Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Thai, Tibetan and Vietnamese.

The specific conditions mentioned above apply to non-EU chefs level 4-6: specialty chefs, sous-chefs, all-round cooks and head-cooks.

The GVVA permit

The GVVA permit is valid for 2 years and extension is possible if the employer still fulfils the requirements.

GVVA based on the Asian Catering Covenant

Previously, the exceptions in the Asian catering industry were dictated by the Asian Catering Covenant signed by Asian catering employers’ organisations, the Labour Authority and IND 2 years earlier. On 1 October 2016, the flexible treatment of work permit applications by the Asian catering industry was formalized by a ministerial decree.

Currently some employees in Asian catering still have a GVVA permit based on the Covenant. This permit can be extended. The employer then needs to demonstrate that the requirements of the Covenant are still met. The employer should:

  • employ Asian cooks for positions level 4-6
  • train staff for positions in Asian cuisine or hire staff from the Netherlands or the EU who do not require a work permit
  • comply with the other agreements laid out in the Asian Catering Covenant

Read the article about changes per 1 October 2019 here.

For more informaton or advice, please contact Adam Diels or Lotte van Diepen.