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Liesbeth Boon

Liesbeth Boon


+31(0)20 752 32 00
LinkedIn: Liesbeth Boon

Liesbeth studied Criminal Law at the University of Amsterdam. After spending two semesters abroad at the Université d’ Orleans (France) in 2009, she finished her master degree in constitutional and administrative law, with a minor in immigration law. During her studies Liesbeth worked at the Court of Appeal in The Hague and at several law firms.

Shortly after graduating she started working as an attorney. After gaining experience in different areas of law, she became an expert in the field of immigration law. She also possesses a solid knowledge of family – juvenile law and administrative law.

Liesbeth has a rich experience in family reunification, visa, long term residency, EU based residence.


WRV - Legal aid in alien affairs working group