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Hans Jager

Hans Jager


+31(0)20 752 32 13
LinkedIn: Hans Jager

Hans left the law practice in January 2020 and remains with our firm as a senior advisor.

A specialist in family migration, Hans has been handling applications for residence permits for spouses, partners and children for more than 30 years. Both in the Netherlands and abroad he is known as one of the most experienced lawyers in this area. 

Hans has been a lawyer since 1980 and was one of the firm’s co-founders two years later. Besides his family migration practice Hans counsels people who do not have a residence permit but need medical treatment in the Netherlands.  His specific expertise in this area makes Hans the go-to person for hospitals and other care institutions, medical specialists and patient organisations. 

Together with Barbara Wegelin Hans dedicates himself to reforming the policy on foreign nationals seeking medical treatment, for instance by pursuing an active political lobby and appearing in the national media.

In the media

Hans Jager in 'Brandpunt' television broadcast of 30 March 2014:


SVMA - Dutch Immigration Lawyers Association
WRV - Legal aid in alien affairs working group